Aged Care Consultancy - Resolve

Applying a coordinated issues resolution process by our experienced aged care consultants, One Care Network assist your staff to close off difficult workplace concerns.

These may involve system matters or issues concerning staffing, quality, funding optimisation, procurement or any other concerns that require resolution.

Our Approach

  • Onsite needs verification - 1 -2 days on-site where key issues are identified with frontline managers and Executive level personnel.
  • Action Plan formation - At this stage agreement is made with key personnel as to the actions required, the timeframes for completion, and who is responsible for completing key actions.
  • Action Plan Control - Developing the communication and feedback structure is the key mechanism for resolving the identified issues. Most commonly this involves a regular meeting or teleconference to monitor and mentor staff through the resolution process.

Fees Structure

  • Fees are charged at an hourly rate under a fee for service arrangement.

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