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As aged care operators continue to seek new ways of ensuring economic viability, it is essential that efficient core business performance is optimised so that sustained competitive advantage is achieved.

Many aged care providers have established a sustained competitive advantage by outsourcing non-core functions that can be better coordinated by professional consultancy services who are experts in their fields.

Engaging experts for the management of the organisation's Procurement Program in today's climate has significant benefits when aiming to improve business performance especially in light of increasing costs of products and services which continue to apply pressure on depleting operational margins.

One Care Network offers a suite of unique services that aim to deliver sustainable improvements in procurement related to the aged care business using negotiating power, industry best practice and the latest information technologies.

Unlike traditional consultancy services our mission is to ensure that improvements become part of the organisation's own internal business systems so that you are able to apply new improvements independently once the hard work has been completed so that our solutions become your ongoing advantage.

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