Software and Web Ware Solutions

It can be a difficult and significantly costly for aged care service providers to develop simple system solutions for operational work processes unless a strong knowledge of data system design and development exists within the organisation.

Operational efficiency within a competitive climate occurs through better management, capture and use of information by re-designing work processes from paper-based systems to automated work-flow software and web-based solutions. These efficiencies are realised through improved record keeping, reduced duplication of work process, improved work surveillance, uniformity of work process and reduced organisational risk (through real-time reporting for example).

In addition, benefits are further realised by simplifying work process in light of the increasing complexity of operational roles, in particular, the role of the front-line manager to maximise positional work-flow capacity.

All 1CN INNOVATE solutions are created by IT consultants who have worked at the frontline of residential and community service operations and who understand the unique needs of aged care operators.

INNOVATE Solutions can be established as stand-alone software systems or as web-based programs to deliver remote process application for organisations with multiple services off-site.

Complimented by Easy Web templates, One Care Network offers a total electronic information management tool box complete with software and web site development capacity.

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