Risk Based Workforce Solutions

As aged care operators continue to seek new ways of better managing key business risks, it is essential that risk management solutions reflect current and emerging risks specific to aged care.

One Care Network have engaged WCD as partners to deliver a Total Risk Management Solution supported by a comprehensive suite of risk management programs, to better realise and control key business risks specific to the residential aged care and retirement villages segments.

Understanding the current challenges in managing increasing workers compensation costs due to an ageing workforce where the average age is over 50 years, and where the the risk of injury will double as a result, WCD are able to assist the aged care operator access already available government funding to better attend to this risk under the Corporate Champions Program.

Delivering a comprehensive Risk Analysis and Management Program, WCD are able to provide a succinct set of Executive and Board level Risk KPIs which are aligned to industry best practice strategies. This will help aged care operators better manage risk under the current aged care climate by using tested methods.

Understanding the complex nature of the legislative framework that underpins the aged care system and the associated emerging risks, Fire Systems Consultancy is accessible under our Fire Assist Program. Managed by experienced fire systems engineers, Fire Assist aims to support providers manage risk associated with sprinkler retrofitting mandated under the current NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure agenda for aged care operators.

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